Sales terms and conditions

1. The authenticity of all numismatic items we sell is guaranteed, in accordance with the rules of the I.A.P.N. (International Association of Professional Numismatists). All descriptions given for those are based on our best personal professional opinion.

2. Unwanted items must be returned by registered mail within five days of their reception. No claim shall be accepted if made later than ten days after the date of the invoice.

3. Buyers agree to be charged with shipping and insurance costs.

4. The buyer will not acquire title to the items until the amount of the invoice has been paid in full by bank transfer to the account BE66 0001 5161 5343 of J.L. Van der Schueren. The invoices have to be paid immediately after its reception.

5. Failure to pay the full amount of the invoice on time will result in an interest charge of 0,5% per month, and a penalty charge of 8%, with a minimum of 50 € to cover the damages due to the failure to pay the invoice on time.

6. In case of dispute, the courts of Brussels have sole jurisdiction to settle the matter. Only the French version of the present terms and conditions has legal force and is binding to the parties.